There's No More Splishing & Splashing Since The Strainer Is Built-In And Stays Upright
Spilled food is a thing of the past when you use World's Greatest Pot™ - the strainer is built right in!
You'll save time cleaning because your food slides off of the non-stick cooking surface!
All The Reasons You Need To Get The World's Greatest Pot™
Hate straining pasta and veggies? We have a simple solution for you. Introducing the World's Greatest Pot™, a cooking pot that has a built-in strainer. Here's how it works. Boil your pasta in the World's Greatest Pot™. Then when you drain, the water drains out but the pasta stays inside the strainer. Just lift the basket and it's ready to serve. There's no more splishing and splashing into a strainer because with the World's Greatest Pot™, the strainer is built right in. No matter how much you tilt it, the strainer basket always stays upright! There's no easier way to cook up that ooey gooey mac n' cheese all in one pot. And because it's non-stick, cleanup is a breeze. The World's Greatest™ Pot is perfect for rigatoni, pasta shells, bow ties, linguini, and those delicious ravioli won't break apart when you serve them. And the World's Greatest Pot™ isn't just for pasta. Use it to 5-pounds of clams and when they open up, just pull the basket out and they're ready to serve. Boil potatoes, drain the water, and mash in the same pot for quick and easy mashed potatoes. The uses for World's Greatest Pot™ are nearly endless! Order now!
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Holds Water & Food To Cook Via Boiling
Built-In Strainer To Strain Water From Food
Strainer Always Stays Upright
Non-Stick For Easy Clean-Up
For More Than Pasta
Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed
Ditch Your Colander And Use World's Greatest Pot™ - The Strainer Is Built-In The Pot!
Strainer Swivels So

Water Stays Out While Food Stays In

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